Python for Scientists and Engineers course

     Python for Scientists & Engineers


Scientists need programming skills in Python to analyze their data but have rarely had any programming education during their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Therefore, the Python for Scientists & Engineers course has two distinct goals and teaches:

  • to analyze, interpret and visualize scientific data to create publication ready plots
  • good programming practice, version control with GIT and virtual environments

Target groups

The Python for Scientists and Engineers course can be taken as a standalone course or it can be coupled with the specialization courses. It is highly recommended to couple it with the Good programming practice in Python course. This has two advantages:

For beginners, the start of the course is slower so it becomes easier to follow along. For experienced programmers, it puts additional emphasis on good programming practice which – experience has shown – is necessary.

Course structure

The course is held in English and currently consists of 6 modules. Every module contains

  • a 60-90 minute video lecture on that the participants can watch when it suits them
  • exercises for the participants to apply what they have learned
  • a live Zoom tutorial to answer questions (90-120min)
In total, the participants should plan to invest 20 to 35 hours.


  1. Intro, Anaconda, Jupyter, Syntax, PEP8, First Examples
  2. Data analysis, Big Data, Numpy, Pandas
  3. Interpolation, Fitting, Filtering, Data Analysis Example
  4. Matplotlib, Visualization, Advanced Plotting, String Formatting
  5. GIT, File Creation, Generators, Dask Parallelization
  6. Video Creation, Symbolic Calculation, Virtual Environments, Complex Fitting

Upon request, additional modules with further content can be created. In the past, this worked very well when participants uploaded problems they were working on so that they could be covered in the lectures.

The video lectures are recorded in a recording studio for optimal sound and video quality.

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What participants say

"Maurice's course is a great introduction targeted towards the most important aspects of Python for scientists such as data analysis and visualization. His lectures and exercises are highly motivating and get you started writing relevant programs straight away. His classes are fun and informative, you can ask any question and always get a useful answer. I highly recommend it!."
"Maurice showed us a lot of powerful tools in Python that can be applied in scientific research. Actually, I already started to use what I learned from this course to deal with my experimental data. Thank you Maurice!"
"As an absolute beginner in Python I was brought to a level where I feel confident to analyze my data using Python."
Stree Vithya Arumugam
"I liked the broad overview of different topics related to scientific working with Python"
Ph.D Student
I took my first steps into coding with python. The examples and especially the readdressing of common used code to load data, plot it and analyze it made it a hands on course. The course is nicely structured and the live tutorials help a lot. I can only recommend it.


Are you interested or have any questions about the Python for Scientists & Engineers course? Reach out any time!

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